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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and instructor with a clinical focus.  I have worked in a variety of situations:  in solo practice, alongside chiropractors and in the hospital setting for years.  Before that, I was a full-time mom and teaching at every opportunity.  My first career, fresh out of my Ivy League education, was in Information Technology where I enjoyed the analytical problem-solving that I did for my clients.  I still bring that mind-set with me to work.  The human body is a far more complex system than any computer but sometimes it just takes a little bug or two to make things stop functioning properly.

My goal today is to give people a moment of relief from pain, stress and outside noise so that they can catch their breath, set aside their worries, and collect their thoughts.  I offer people a safe place to gather their strength, to reflect, regroup, maybe reminisce, and to renew. It is my hope that once you have had a moment to pause, and your body is no longer in pain, you will be able to go forward and live out your purpose more fully.  If I can help you feel better, and you can do what you were always meant to do, we can make the world a better place.

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