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 A Moment to Reset

For Tension or Chronic Pain

Chronic stress, recurring headaches, overuse injuries, motor vehicle accidents... let's address the aches and pains that have become all too familiar in your daily life.  After a thorough intake and review of your medical history, we will design an approach that is comfortable to you.

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A Pregnant Pause

A Mother's Time of Reflection

Mothers have unique needs whether they are expecting, recovering from childbirth or grieving a loss.  This session is specifically tailored for your stage of motherhood.  It is not a standard massage delivered on pregnancy pillows.  It is bodywork designed specifically for a mother's concerns, based on your unique story and where you are in your journey.  Infants under 3 months are welcome in the room.


A Moment to Prep

Boost Your Recovery

The time leading up to a procedure, surgery, wisdom tooth removal or even getting a tattoo is an opportunity to address chronic stress and tension in the body that might slow recovery.  Manual lymphatic drainage helps to boost immunity and eliminate excess fluid, reducing swelling and preparing your system to heal at maximum efficiency.

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A Moment to Remember

A Safe Place to Grieve

Take time for yourself in a quiet and safe environment that is gentle to both body and soul.  This is a space set aside for you to process your thoughts and emotions in whatever way you need, while your body receives relief from tension and stress.

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A Moment to Renew

For Lingering Issues from

Illness or Surgery

Sometimes discomforts linger beyond the illness and you may find yourself exhausted and unable to function the way you did before you became sick.  Covid-19 has left many people with long haul symptoms.  We use the best information available to address the musculoskeletal issues so that your body can continue on its road to recovery.


A Little Moment

Pediatric Massage

It is never too early for children to learn the benefits of safe, nurturing touch.  Pediatric massage offers many benefits while teaching young ones boundaries, body awareness, communication and participation in their own wellness.  Session times will vary depending on the child and the situation.

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